I’m so happy you’re here!

For years and years, I have loved photography and loved creating beautiful things. I completely remember making each member of my family little clay star-shaped ornaments with their names carved out, with a stick perhaps. These were to be their Christmas gifts, and I can’t tell you how happy they were to receive them. They knew how much love had gone into shaping each little star and how proud I was inside to make something for them, even as I shyly received their gratitude.

And, it is with¬†gratitude that I’m here, able to write this to you. Able to welcome you to the beginnings of Beautiful Exposure Photography. The people I know and love have invested tremendous amounts of support throughout the years, believing, expecting something great. It’s been one of the scariest things in the world to make it a reality, because in order to do this I had to start believing in myself as well. But, once you start seeing the beauty in everyone else, and their potential, it’s hard not to believe.

It’s time to exist in photographs.

Too often, we find ourselves hiding from the camera. Maybe we didn’t wear the outfit we really wanted to wear that day or can’t possibly have this posted to Facebook. So we opt out, not realizing how important these photos will one day become. In the grand scheme of things, these memories are so priceless. It won’t matter then that we should have gotten in shape or smiled a little different. It’s time to exist in photos for our loved ones and for ourselves!

My hope is not to make all your flaws disappear with my camera & lens, or with Photoshop. It is to accept them, to love yourself, and to allow your life to be documented! It is because of these that we are who we are. Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard it before, I know. But, I¬†want to show you. And this is where it starts.

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